Discounted Hubs

I have a number of road and mountain hubs that have been hanging around to long that I’d like to get rid of. Prices start at free for Deore QR and go to $75 for XT or 105, some are individual hubs others are sets, most are Shimano, and most are quick release. A couple sets are 15mm front and QR rear. I’m offering these hubs up as complete wheels and wheelsets so you’ll still be buying rims and spokes. Rim and spoke prices vary. Labor is $50/wheel or $80/pair. These hubs are while they last so contact me now for the best selection.

Shimano hubs aren’t flashy but they offer a lot of bang for the buck. Good seals, ball bearings, reliable hub engagement. I keep ~100 rims in stock to build with. This inventory means your wheels get built and shipped out in 1-2 days.

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