New Wheelsets I have the knowledge, skills, and tools to build great wheels. I stock a variety of brand name spokes in different shapes, colors and lengths to complete any wheel. I also have nipples in brass and any colored alloy. Rim and hub acquisition is up to the customer. I am available for guidance.

Rebuilds-The hub is the expensive part of the wheel. As long as hubs are in good service I can reuse them. The most cost effective way is get me just the hubs. MLW does not build with used rims, spokes or nipples.


Wheel Repair-I work on all brands of wheels. Wheel truing, dishing, tensioning, starts at $25. When I see what you’ve got I can give you a better estimate.

Hub service-A well-maintained hub will outlast many wheel builds. Costs vary depending on hub manufacturer and parts needed. I cannot give estimates without seeing the hub and evaluating its needs.


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