Shop Remodel 2

 I needed a new shop heater so I decided to fix things up a little and put some of my non-wheel-building skills to use. The new heater is a big dog electric one so it got its own circuit.  I’m not excited about electric heat but this summer I’m getting solar on the roof so it made sense.  I also wired both lights to the same switch. I finally put some trim around the window I put in during remodel 1.


I sheetrocked and insulated the ceiling. Then I rearranged the rim hooks to add some more storage space.

I was working on a classy remodel project once and the drywaller was adding texture. He was slopping gobs of mud on the drywall and just leaving it to dry rather than smoothing it out. I had always sanded, re-mud, wait for it to dry, sand again and just keep repeating till the walls were smooth. Ahhhh the dust! So I asked him about the texture he was applying. “It’s called an imperfect smooth wall. We do it in all the new homes. Isn’t it great?” I nodded agreeably but was thinking to myself what an easy out. I added some tire tracks for effect.

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