Spokes & Nipples

Matthew Larsen Wheelbuilding’s stock spokes are silver DT Swiss Competition spokes. They are a traditional J bend double-butted 2.0, 1.8(14G/15G) stainless spoke. These are great do-it-all spokes: they’re available with factory rolled threads in millimeter lengths, have an excellent strength to weight ratio, are low cost, and work in any application.

Of course Matthew Larsen Wheelbuilding can hand build your wheels with any spoke/nipple combination you want. Bladed spokes, for those looking to gain a few seconds, and more aggressively butted spokes to save weight are also available. I also build with alloy nipples on request. I also have blank spokes to cut and thread any length.

DT Swiss Spokes

  • Champion silver $1, black $1.20 ea
  • Competition silver $1.20, black $1.50 ea
  • Revolutions silver $1.30 ea

DT Swiss Nipples

  • Sliver brass .10 ea
  • Silver alloy nipples .30 ea
  • Anodized alloy nipples .55 ea

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